I believe it is essential you feel safe when working with a photographer, especially for the first time You need to feel confident they are who they say they are and have a reputation to uphold. This is what some of the people I’ve worked with recently say about me! Please feel free to contact any of the professional or non-professional models to verify what is written here.

Carla Monaco said...

I finally got to shoot with Phil for the second time, think it was coming up to 2 years since are first shoot at Paul's Studio. Phil is one my favourite people in the industry to work

with. He is a true gent and professional who always goes out of his way to help the models and photographers he works with, especially on all the events he organised with Paul

from Reading. I always feel safe around Phil and I know the other models do too. Phil is great fun to shoot with and we always have a laugh. Phil's ideas for shoots are always

creative and well thought out and I can see he likes to get something different from each model he shoots. I can only highly recommend Phil to any model out there. Until the next

time Phil...Thank you 


SammyG said...

Phil was a fantastic help on the Wales weekend organised by Pauls - studio. I think I safely speak for all the models just to how considerate he was in making sure we were all

looked after and even took us to feed the pigs!Many thanks Phil and hopefully see you again soon.

Amelie Alden. said...

Had a great shoot with Phil yesterday, already knew this from when we've shot before but he's a wicked guy, very easy to get along with and really nice as a person. His

photography is great, and he isn't afraid to try new ideas - he's really organised and has a clear idea of what he wants which is great for me to focus entirely on posing, knowing he

will get a great shot. We worked on a range of styles, from casual fashion, art nude, lingerie and a really cool 'grungy' army shot at the end. Thanks Phil, would highly recommend


Rachelle Summers said...

Another fantastic shoot with Phil! Such a lovely guy to work with, and an absolute pleasure to be around.He is such a genuine, kind person and a do anything for anyone kind of

guy - even offering to take me to my next destination to save me the train journey which was incredibly kind of him! On top of that we get lovely images together too 

Win win! Highly recommended by me and hope to work with him in the future!

Petra Callisto said...

Yet again another great shoot with Phil. He is always charming, funny and professional. He runs around making sure that lighting and props are perfect, and discusses photos with

you afterwards so you can check you're happy with them, which is always a great touch. We managed lots of sets as Phil is so laid back and a real pleasure to work with. All in all

the shoots are always great fun, and I so look forward to the next one.

Lola Tease said...

I had a wonderful shoot today with Phil - a consummate professional. Pre-shoot communication was excellent. He is a respectful, gentleman photographer with a great sense of

humour and easy manner. I cannot recommend him highly enough and eagerly await the next time.


Tinkerbella said...

Thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Phil yesterday, he's an incredibly awesome, lovely fellow, so easy to get on with, and brimming with lots of creative ideas and set ups. We had a

right giggle and chatted an awful lot between sets, I felt incredibly relaxed with this lovely individual! He's got a great eye for photography; I highly recommend shooting with Phil.

Just an amazing dude!

Much sparkles!

Tink x

L-a-u-r-e-n said...

Amazing shoot with Phil yesterday he's such a lovely easy going guy ! The shoot itself was nicely planned and we breezed through the sets Phil continually checked if i was ok/

comfortable or needed a break... excellent pre shoot coms and just a lovely day really ...couldn't ask for more hopefully we get to do it again sometime, thanks for a good one

Lauren -c xx

DianaV said...

I had a very fun and relaxed first shoot with Phil, loved every minute of it. He is such a lovely interesting guy - I learnt a lot of new and useful things at our shoot!  Very professional

and full of creative ideas - pre communications where perfect also - there hasn't been many shoots where I have liked almost every photo but this shoot I struggled to find a photo I

didn't like! Can't wait to have a shoot with you again  Definitely highly recommend.

Petra Callisto said...

I had such a fantastic time shooting with Phil at his home studio. He is witty, creative and determined to get the perfect shot every time. He never failed to make me laugh (and still

does) meaning that the whole thing from start to finish was relaxing and fun. Phil is genuinely a lovely, charming man to be around and I can't wait for our next shoot.

Rebecca Tun said...

I had a very nice shoot with Phil at Paul's Studio in Reading this month. It was my last shoot of the day and it was a good note to end on - the atmosphere was mellow and intimate

although the shooting was dynamic and varied. I really liked Phil's concepts and his aesthetics, his openness and calm temperament, and his appreciative and highly respectful

demeanour. I look forward to working with Phil again and very much recommend him to other models.

Tillie Model said...

I never understand where Phil gets his doubts about his photography from....He is one of the really talented photographers I have had the pleasure of working one. His lighting is

always spot on, his ideas, always unique and creative. And he as a person....just a joy to be around.Phil is always smiling, always polite and friendly to me. I have known him as

long as I have known and been working for Paul's Studio now. Which is a good few years. I always look forward to seeing Phil's smiley face at the events and they would not be

the same without him! Thank you Phil,

Tillie xx

Miss Pixie said...

Another brilliant and creative shoot with Phil at Pauls Studio. This time Phil had so many cool ideas and props to use. I'm loving the images being uploaded from our shoot and I

can't wait to work with Phil again!

CathFaza said...

I had a lovely shoot with Phil at Pauls Studio in Reading yesterday. I have shot with Phil briefly in the past but it was lovely to shoot and catch up again. Phil is a lovely

photographer, a gentlemen. Phil had lots of ideas and hopefully we shot them all. Great comms throughout the shoot and good to have a laugh. Highly recommend to other


Cath Faza.

Clodagh said...

I had the pleasure of shooting with Phil a couple of weeks ago at his home studio.Phil had great communication before the shoot and explained in detail what he wanted to

achieve. He made me feel very welcome and helped me to get my stuff from the car. We discussed different ideas and looked through my outfits to decide what the best looks

would be. I feel like Phil had a number of great ideas and I think the pictures are fab. I especially liked his ability to try different/funnier scenarios which were a bit more outside of

the box! Phil even gave me red fabric for my sarong to use for the swim wear round of the Miss GB competition. I would happily work with Phil again  Thanks for a great shoot!!

Faith Obae said...

Yet another amazing shoot with Phil, this time at Pauls studio in Reading. Phil is such an amazing person and easy to work with, even went out of his way to drop me off at the

apartment I was staying. Very highly recommended!

Roxy Mendez said...

Finally got the chance to shoot with Phil not so long ago at Paul's studio in Reading. Phil had some great concepts and ideas and we tried them and achieved some fab results!

Phil is great to work with. Friendly, fun and respectful. I highly recommend Phil to anyone wishing to work with him and I do hope we get to shoot together again soon Thanks,


Venus Ann said...

What a great first shoot we had today. We were arranging this shoot just a few days ago but everything went just well. Phil is not only talented, open minded but is also

professional and approachable. He wasn't rushed in to shoot, he made me feel comfortable and we communicated really well throughout the shoot.

We finished 15 mins early before I have to leave to catch the train and had a chance to look at our works and pick the ones I like. I was very pleased with them even they were just

raw photos that just came out of the camera. I would definitely want to work with Phil again and highly recommended for everyone. If you get a chance to work with Phil, don't pass

it on.

NickyPhillips said...

Shot with Phil again at Paul's studio, on my studio day, as always he is on time and a real pleasure to work with, he is always really nice to me and does his best to make sure I’m

happy and relaxed. I will work with Phil again and I always love the amazing images we get!! Thanks old man  xx

Tina Kay said...

I had a great time working with Phil on my studio day at Paul's in Reading this weekend.

Phil was on time, with professional attitude, great communication, well organized, with clear and creative ideas, respectful at all the times, so easy and pleasant to work with and to

talk with. He has a lovely personality to match as well, which makes shooting time really enjoyable.

Highly recommended to all models to work with!

Thank you - Tina Kay. Xxx

Tina B said...

I had the pleasure of shooting with Phil at Paul's Studio in Reading.

What fun I had! Phil is fantastic to work with, creative and passionate about his photography striving to produce excellent images.

Kind and considerate, friendly and a joy to shoot with. Highly recommended and I can't wait for a future collaboration.

Phil has permitted me to use his pictures in my portfolio which greatly enhance it.

Nicky Phillips said...

One of the best photographers I have ever shot with, I was away with Phil for the weekend in Wales, he looked after me and made my weekend enjoyable. Thank you so much,

Hope we can work together again soon 

Amy Rose said...

I worked with Phil for the first time at Paul's Studio in Reading this weekend. Phil was lovely work with, really easy to get along with and made the shoot a pleasurable one. Phil is

a photographer that cares about his shots and puts a lot of effort behind them which is fantastic to see. I really enjoyed our shoot and would recommend him to other models.

Sami_C said...

Phil is just awesome. Had my second shoot today with him on my studio day at Paul's studio. Phil always has brilliant ideas and makes a shoot so much fun, relaxed but still

productive. Always makes me feel comfortable and really easy to chat with. I really enjoy working with Phil... Very highly recommended!!

Rebecca Leah said...

I had another shoot with Phil on Wednesday.. Phil is such a joy to work with and has a great personality  he is a gentleman and likes to direct you as well as letting you do your

thing!! Some great images already received and looking forward to seeing the rest. Thanks Phil  xx

Lizzie Bayliss said...

I finally got to shoot with Phil at a Location group shoot in Reading, and he lived up to his reputation ...friendly, fun and cheeky, but overall professional and great working with

others. Phil has good organisation skills and relates to others very well, meaning he gets the best out of every shoot. As you can see he has a good eye for beautiful pictures and

loves photography a lot. Hope to shoot with Phil again and maybe for longer next time! I highly recommended.

Lizzie xx